Case study: SiuKay instant noodle and Influencer Marketing campaign

Influence marketing is a way of collaborating with influential people who have influence on a large group of viewers (from a few thousand to a few million) to promote their brand’s products and services. Influencers can be journalists, bloggers, vloggers, the public, entrepreneurs, or any individual who has accumulated a large number of followers on social media.

According to the latest We are social report, in 2018, the number of global social media users increased by 13% over the previous year and reached a figure of 3,397 billion. With the “storm” of social media around the world, Influence Marketing is currently one of the fastest growing types of advertising and is expected to become a big market of $ 5-10 billion dollars by 2020.

According to a recent study, 90% of consumers rely on the advice and recommendations of experts or people they trust, while only 33% believe in traditional advertising. In addition, over 88% of users viewed other users’ comments on social networks to make their buying decisions. On the other hand, 94% of marketers found that Influence Marketing was effective in their media campaigns. In addition, Influence Marketing can create 11 times higher ROI than traditional advertising.

This marketing method is being used frequently in brand marketing campaigns in Vietnam. This is one of case study that used Influencer Marketing effectively in 2017-2018: “SiuKay’s Influencer Marketing campaign (collaborated with 7Saturday).

SiuKay instant noodle (a product of Acecook Vietnam)

SiuKay is a new instant noodle of Acecook Vietnam (a famous instant noodle manufacturer). In 2017, when Vietnamese youths were rushing to challenge “spicy noodles- 7 level”, the appearance of SiuKay could be said to be the right person at the right time.

As a type of instant noodles, SiuKay is favored with seafood-flavored and spicy soups. While the taste that SiuKay brings was quite similar to the spicy noodle restaurants that young people raced to challenge, the price of a package of SiuKay noodles was only about 10,000 vnd, much cheaper than 40,000VND -50,000VND spicy noodles that people had to pay at restaurants.

Their campaign took place from 29th Dec 2017 to 14th Feb 2018. The targeted customers were students, young people in Vietnam who likes challenging new things, and some people who love spicy food. Then, what did they do? Marketing team created a minigame called “Thách thức bản lĩnh” (Brave challenge) on social to attract the young and spread widely brand awareness. How do people participate in? They could shoot a video clip about eating SiuKay noodles, then uploading to the website, to get voted and the winner -the person who had the excellent clips that were voted by most people- would receive many valuable gifts. In fact, it was good when people can eat new thing and have opportunity of gaining valuable prize, but not enough to become a “hot issue” on social network.  SiuKay worked with 7Saturday to choose right influencers.

SiuKay- Brave challenge “Thach thuc ban linh”

The Influencers they worked with consisted of Macro and Micro Influencers, with a large fan base from the ages of 18-24. The influencer’s job was streaming for 15~30 minutes or posting photos with hashtag, drawing picture of event. In order to attract young people to join, Influencers created humorous, dynamic and creative content styles by their own in combination with hashtag #Siukay #thachthucbanlinh and link to the Minigame website. At the same time, fanpage SiuKay shared Influencer’s stream live to grab more interaction for livestream.

Influencers upload video of eating SiuKay noodle on Youtube (Views: hundred thousand to a million views)
Nguyen Ngoc Thach- influencer’s livestream on Facebook link
Cartoonists drawing short stories (Facebook)
Source: Tum lum chuyen
Soobin Hoang Sơn (singer)’s post on Facebook

As a result, reported by 7Saturday, the event reached 1,943,073 on social network, engagement gained 190,020 (Date: to April14, 2018)

The objects that the campaign accessed to were mostly 18-24 year- old people and more than 50% were female. Strong spread in 4 cities: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Can Tho and Da Nang (especially Ho Chi Minh with nearly 0.85 million people).

Reached Audience’s Democraphy

The interaction and efficiency that Influencer brings was pretty good.

Result of influencers’ activities (when participating in campaign)

This can be considered as a case study of Influencer Marketing. Micro or Macro Influencers are important as they are not merely a partner with brands but also potential customers and good marketing channels (creating “storm” on social network). They have many creative ideas to talk about brands and this will be one of the most advantages when brands regard them as important partners. It brings more effectiveness than KOLs or traditional TVC, print-ad. In the future, Influencer Marketing is expected to grow quickly, contributing more value to many brands (new brands, small brands, even big brands).


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