Case study: Marketing campaigns for Women in Vietnam (Part 1)

According to data from Ernst & Young, women are the largest “emerging market” in the world, with their global income expected to increase from $ 5 trillion to $ 18 trillion before 2018 and women manage more than two-thirds of global consumer spending.

Keeping up with this change, marketing to women is becoming increasingly popular and a trend for brands. Vietnam is no exception.

In Vietnam, there are 2 days to honor women as International Women’s Day March 8 and Vietnam Women’s Day October 20. However, other occasions such as Tet, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. women are also selected as the target audience for the brand’s marketing campaigns. Women’s Days are important holidays, which celebrates the beauty and value of women. This is also a special event that brands cannot miss to deploy women gratitude campaigns to win women’s heart.

Here are a few outstanding campaigns that Vietnamese brands have deployed for women.

Elmich (High-end European household brand) – Campaign “Safety Health – Sharing Love” 

In previous years, Elmich approached in the direction of quality differences through the affirmation of “European quality standards”. However, recognizing consumer brand about Elmich brand is still relatively modest, even in some aspect Elmich is considered luxurious, slightly remote and lacking in closeness with consumers, while the products of the enterprise can meet quite a wide and diverse in the high and upper-middle income customer segment.

The campaign “Safety Health – Sharing Love” of Elmich has awakened special emotional values, bringing the brand to a new level in consumer awareness of the brand, not just the home appliances, but also inspire family happiness through every meal.

  • Insight

According to the survey, currently, the top concern of Vietnamese consumers is about health. In addition to concerns about clean foods, saucepans and safe kitchenware containing no contaminated embryos have been in the Top 5 for consumer interest. On the level of spending, when asked, consumers say they are willing to spend a little more money to own products that give them peace of mind and interesting cooking experience.

  • Idea

When women enter the kitchen, they not only cook but are devoted to their love and care to nurture their happy home. Each of their actions from the smallest things such as choosing food, cooking, and family health care comes from love, from giving away, not from efforts.

“Please share, acknowledge and appreciate those things, so that the kitchen or family meal is also the place to connect the love of family members.”

  • Viral clip: “Wife is No.1”

The content of the video revolves around the story of a successful man was seduced by a sexy girl. But no matter how hot the girl is, trying to show all sorts of ways to attract the husband, he only remembers his wife who is at home. In the viral clip, Elmich brand appeared by Elmich as a familiar utensil in the kitchen, understanding, accompanying and inspiring cooking for the wife, making the family more and more durable. It was also the motivation for him to “run away” from the other girl to return to his family, his wife and children and a warm meal. The story mentioned the faithfulness of men in modern life and the role of “keeping fire” in the family of wives and mothers.

Viral clip has contributed to conveying the brand’s key message and honoring the role of women: “Only caring and loving with love really make women occupy the heart of the husband and say protecting family happiness ”. Immediately after the spread of Viral clip, “Wife is No. 1” became the catchphrase of many men, showing respect and honoring the role of women in the family.

  • Website

Strengthening the strong connection of the campaign, Elmich deployed on the landing Page an event. “Healthy family – Safe meal” is where each person shares the love moments associated with the meal family, sharing recipes as well as feelings about home meals and receiving gifts up to VND 28,000,000. The competition attracted hundreds of participants, with lots of photos and touching articles. Each picture carries the messages and sincere feelings that each individual gives to his family. Most importantly, through this contest, each person will have the opportunity to look back on the happy moments, warm family meals.

Along with the main spillover points, Elmich’s campaign “Safety Health – Sharing Love” also reaches the audience with images, counseling film very close, honest and help for each viewer can shape dirty, unhealthy or assisted food with a variety of interesting ways to make the lives of individuals and families healthier, avoid the risks of health effects in a practical way.

  • KOLs

The force of powerful KOLs suitable to the target audience is also one of the factors creating the strong spread of the campaign: “Safety Healthy- Sharing Love”. The KOLs were also impressed with Elmich’s products and also responded to the message of clips to their fans in the most natural and close way.

  • PR

The PR series in newspapers and television reports are the resonant media channel that helps spread and deepen the message “Safety Health – Sharing Love” to target customers. The PR is covered on many online newsgroups such as Women’s newspaper (,, Social newspaper (Dan Tri, Vietnamnet, VnExpress, Tuoi Tre online,, Newspaper line business (Cafebiz, CafeF, …). In addition to accompanying content spreading Viral Clip and specific activities in the campaign, this series of PR articles also promotes building awareness in the community about choosing Safety home appliances. Television series on Consumer 24 – VTV24, Clean Healthy Living – HTV9, News – VTV1,… on the topic of security appliances received strong sharing on the strong community, contributing to creating a new consumer trend in the household goods industry.

  • In-store activities

In order to optimize brand promotion activities and convert into practical actions of customers, brand campaigns also implement many interactive activities and create fun and meaningful experience for customers at the nationwide stores.

 Nutrition and health protection counseling program.

Elmich invites leading physicians and experts on nutrition to consult free at points of sale and supermarkets to advise and answer nutrition issues and health protection solutions for consumers through delicious meals. The counseling session is also live stream on Elmich Vietnam fan page. The program attracted the participation of thousands of women, helping them gain more useful knowledge about nutrition and health protection for the whole family. In addition, in this campaign, the chef of  Elmich amassed selling points and directly guided delicious and nutritious food. These activities have contributed to reinforcing Elmich’s position in the hearts of consumers, as a brand that shares women’s worries and gives useful information to the community.

“Check-in and receive gifts” event

Customers take a check-in photo at Elmich’s nationwide stores and post on a personal page, post a comment with pictures, tag 3 friends and have the opportunity to receive attractive prizes immediately from brand.  This activity, along with attractive promotions at the end of the year, has contributed to creating a vibrant, bustling atmosphere at selling points and helping to boost sales.

  • Result

– More than 30 million hits

– Viral clip “My wife is No. 1”: More than 1 million views and thousands of shares.

– Family photo contest: more than 300 entries.

– Consultancy activities at the point of sale: Thousands of participants.

– “Check in and  Receive gifts” event: Hundreds of participants and thousands of sharing

– PR Press: About 100 articles on nearly 30 newspapers, more than a dozen television reports.

– Sales revenue results: 30% growth over the same period last year.

Viettel – Campaign “Family or career, which is more important?”

Viettel is one of the brands that create inheritance and consistency but still has many new and creative perspectives in the message through many campaigns. Consistency is first demonstrated by the insistence of the brand slogan “Say it your way”. By exploiting different psychological aspects of each subject, Viettel’s campaigns on Women’s Days always remind viewers about loving your family in your own way.

In “Family or career, which is more important?” campaign, not only exploiting emotional values, Viettel has also cleverly integrated the brand’s unique function as a carrier with Viettel 4G’s wide coverage, ensuring the connectivity from urban to the rural village. Emphasizing on its ability to connect widely, Viettel wants to prove that Viettel is always a companion, helping customers share happy moments with their families. Viettel is still affirming its leading position in the market, this success not only comes from product quality, service quality, bold business strategies but also from emotional values bring to consumers through close communication campaigns.

  • Viral clip: “Family or career, which is more important?”
  • Message:  Mother’s gratitude, awakening the concerns of the children are facing the choice between many things in life.
  • Content:

Opening the clip with an interview with the stressful director, a question for him: “Between family and career, what’s more important?” This must be an unsolvable problem that not all young people on the path of advancement can balance and answer completely. The straightforward answer comes from the guy: “For me, the career is very important” and also the thinking of many young people always put success on top. Career is like a sparkling treasure in front, always attracting people to reach.

Until now, people will realize that sometimes the life of technology, the intangible technology makes us suddenly forget the silent presence of family members. On the mother’s day, the man character did not have time to visit his sick mother. He was deeply regretful because he had money to buy his mother’s smartphone but could not afford the loving care for his mother.  The reason is the most sincere gestures only come from behind the screen.

  • Forms of creative expression

Viral clips of Viettel have conveyed a meaningful message about mother and son’s emotion in very simple, close and sincere words, helped the message easily reach the heart.

With a duration of just over 6 minutes, Viettel has led viewers, making them sympathetic to the true feelings of the main character, from concern with the desire to create a career, pursue a passion to affirm the silent presence of the family which helps him have the motivation to continue pursuing his career.

The widely spread effect also comes from the sharing of KOLs familiar to young people like Bich Phuong or football players like Dinh Trong, Quang Hai, Duy Manh … Because they are people who live and work away from their families. Sincere sharing of KOLs to their families has elicited the empathy of young people. In addition, viral clips are also shared on crowded community sites like Beatvn, Hong and NEU Confessions,…

Biti’s – Girl’s step #ChangeYourGirlsDestiny by Biti’s For Women

Biti’s is a Vietnamese footwear brand, was at the threshold of bankruptcy, but in 2017, it suddenly appeared and broke out with successful marketing campaigns and made a big buzz with the media, bringing Biti’s back to being a Vietnamese shoe brand are most trusted currently.

This marketing strategy of Biti’s has great significance for Biti’s in particular and leaves many valuable lessons for other businesses when building the brand.

Step 1: Awareness (getting attention)

Biti’s communication strategy is aimed at promoting, drawing attention to the brand and new products.

Step 2: Interest (creating an interest in brands and products)

Biti’s is smart to use the KOL channel to communicate the next strategy, stimulating customers’ love and affection for the product.

Step 3: Desire (Stimulation, desire, needs of customers)

This is when Biti’s uses a variety of PR articles for a strategy to stimulate demand, wanting to use customers’ products. Next is a series of face-to-face PR articles directed at the product, posted on popular news sites that show the beauty of typical youth like Kenh 14, …

Final step: Create action (Stimulating customers to take action on products)

To stimulate action for customers still wondering about the decision to buy Biti’s products, Biti’s has launched discount deals. This strategy became even more successful when Biti’s combined with e-commerce websites and discount codes within a certain time frame.

Girl’s step #ChangeYourGirlsDestiny campaign also follows the above strategy.

  • Viral clip: Girl’s Step 
  • Message:

Biti’s for Women #ChangeYourGirlsDestiny – Changing the way Vietnamese mothers teach girls to change her fate in the future

  • Content:

The first and right lesson that every mother needs to teach their daughter is to always love herself and trust herself. Every girl growing up needs to have the belief that she is beautiful, intelligent, has the right to be confident, brave, and persistently pursue her own dreams and happiness.

“Stepping towards the sun” quickly became a prominent campaign among the countless 8/3 marketing campaigns in the market because of all the elements such as meaningful messages, sound, light, and great images. In particular, the contribution of Miss H’Hen Niê, a shining example of the energy to change fate, made Biti’s feminist project more and more meaningful.

  • New product introduction

Right in the Viral Video, the Biti’s brand has skillfully “showed off” the latest images of women’s shoes. The shoes on the feet of the girls from the day of going to maturity mean “a small step for extraordinary dreams” and “stay steady, head to the sun”. Photos of Biti’s shoes throughout the video, always next to every girl in any activity from small to big with the rhythm of the story to help viewers feel comfortable and sympathetic to the brand.

Photos of Biti’s shoes integrated into Viral Video

Soon after, the brand quickly revealed women’s shoes as a gift for women on March 8. Thanks to this effect, immediately after posting a new product image of women’s shoes on Fanpage, Biti’s quickly received positive effects from the community. After just 14 hours of posting, the article received a dizzying amount of interaction with over 1600 likes/ heart/ surprises, 369 comments and 130 shares.

Biti’s latest women’s shoes quickly receive positive effects from the community

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“to be continued…”

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