MAMAMY – “Welcome to your family, little one.”

Time: October 2018

Mamamy is a product of a Vietnamese corporation, which has appeared for nearly 20 years in the market. Mamamy’s product system includes natural bath foam, natural detergent, milk bottle wash, and glass milk bottle,… In the 20-year journey of development, Mamamy has made a strong mark on the market with the highest market share in children’s wet tissues. Especially, before 2016, Mamamy has never done advertising marketing but mainly developed on the basis of quality products and traditional sales methods. In the past 3 years, Mamamy has just started working on communication and branding activities but does not target specific revenue targets, this brand aims for a broader goal: to make the world of Fathers – mothers – children become more beautiful, more emotional and more magical through the brand’s activities.

The campaign Welcome to your family, little one.”

  • Target

Building “Brand Love” with Mamamy brand, a brand that inspires good things, always understand, deeply empathize with children and parents. Mamamy – a brand that not only encourages and inspires but also besides to all parents to help them make nurturing a baby easier, more relaxing and more wonderful.

The campaign connects with the core values ​​that Mamamy has built and demonstrated through previous campaigns, contributing indirectly to build a sustainable customer community who share and continue to spread the good value that Mamamy is representing.

  • Insight

From the perspective of the companions of families in the journey of Pregnancy – Birth – Nurturing the children, Mamamy realized that during childbirth, parents often suffer from anxiety emotions. The pain makes them forget their happiness when they first welcome their children, while maybe those feelings are felt only once or twice in their lives.

Originating from that Insight, Mamamy made a authentic set of photos, saved the sacred moments in the journey of birth, associated with the most miraculous carvings: Wait – Pain – Cry – Touch – Breastfeeding – Care for the mothers who gave birth can look back to see themselves in there, reminded the beautiful memories. And then, giving themselves the comfort to feel it completely without worry and stress when they walk into that sacred journey.

  • Enforcement

1. Event: Photo exhibition in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Mamamy collaborated with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital to perform a set of photos for 54 consecutive days – taking hundreds of families from all provinces of the country. The number of photos is up to thousands of photos, then filtered into 7 outstanding photos with topics: Moments of self-talk; Wait; Pain; Cry; Touch; Breastfeeding; Care.

The set of photos is displayed at the exhibition “Welcome to your family, little one” in Hanoi (October 27-28, 2018) and Ho Chi Minh City (November 3, 2018).

In addition to the displaying at the exhibition, the photos were also posted on the landing page of campaign and event page “Welcome to your family, little one” on the Mamamy’s fan page.

In parallel with the campaign, the brand had donated 500 Mambo products to the Central Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital to donate to the pregnant women here.

2. Social

The exhibition attracted the participation and sharing of emotions of many KOLs who are “hot Mom” such as, Thanh Van actress, MC Minh Trang, Uyen Bui, Trang Lou, Nam Thuong, and Diep Chi.

3. Content Video: Welcome to your family, little one” – The picture set of moments filled with love.

4. Consumer Promotion: Free 5000 gifts for 5000 mothers.

Also in the campaign, Mamamy brand launched the program to donate 5000 sets of gifts to 5000 mothers nationwide who were expected birth time in October 2018 and mothers who children born from 1/4/2018 to 30 September 9, 2018.

5. Game: Contest Share feelings and receive gifts with Mamamy with iPhone XS Max reward and hundreds of valuable gifts implemented in October and November on Mamamy’s Fanpage.

Through the landing page, attendees would vote on their favorite photos and shared their feelings about the photos. The contest had contributed to eliciting and spreading emotions about the birth journey to the community of fathers and mothers on the social network environment.

6. PR

Information about the photo exhibition as well as the message of the “Welcome to your family, little one” campaign was widely deployed on 40 major newspapers and TV channels such as VTV, VTC, Hanoi TV. With profound human values, the exhibition had received special attention from reporters. PR articles were implemented objectively and emotionally, each newspaper page selected a different approach angle, but all convey the message of the magic and sacredness of the moments shown in the photo exhibition.

  • Communication Results

Photo exhibition: There were nearly 1,000 check-ins at the event, of which nearly 800 participants share their emotions directly by writing on Mamamy’s card.

Contest Share feelings and receive gifts with Mamamy: Up to the expiration of contest participation and censorship scanning: there were 321 valid entries. The valid entry with the highest number of votes was 9201 votes

Event page of the exhibition “Welcome to your family, little one” in Hanoi on Facebook had 110,000 people, of which 38.4% were female and 20.4% were male aged 25-34.

Approach and view page in the most recent month: Nearly 2.3 million turns (up 473%).

Contest video: There were1,024,044 views – as of November 6.

Program to receive gifts from Mamamy: Total number of outreach nationwide was 54000 times, only for 5 consecutive days to open the link to receive gifts.

According to Google Trends statistics, Mamamy’s Brand Search had doubled during the campaign deployment period.


Sunlight – “Housework can wait”

Time: Nov 2017

Sunlight is a brand of dishwashing detergent manufactured and marketed around the world by Unilever. For several years, Sunlight has been trusted by millions of Vietnamese housewives.

With the all-natural secret package in a bottle of Sunlight, Sunlight always wants to bring the most natural products, making housework easy to have more time to enjoy life. The campaign “Housework can wait” was also run under this motto.

  • Background

According to a survey, Vietnamese women take 10 years to do housework on average. That fact will continue to nibble on the lives of women if society does not grow more and more.

While Vietnamese thinking is more liberal and types of equipment are increasingly modern, chores like washing dishes, cleaning, laundry … have reduced somewhat psychological pressure, even no longer requires that woman has to roll her hand from A to Z. Gradually, a part of women began to believe that housework was no longer a burden.

On the contrary, it led to a social tension due to conflict of traditional and modern thoughts: “As a woman, I have to finish all housework after thinking for yourself ”? (The mothers always remind their daughter that) or “To enjoy life”. With the campaign “Housework can wait”, Sunlight wants women to enjoy life by doing housework more effectively and more comfortably.

  • Insight

The target audience that this campaign aimed at is modern women, who are living in an age with the interference of traditional values ​​(women must sacrifice their own interests and desires to take care of their families) and modern values ​​(women know how to balance their families and their own lives).

No matter what value they pursue, they have been caught up in unnamed chores that there is not enough time and mind to enjoy their lives. They miss the appointments with their close friends, miss the feeling of doing what they like, even many people said that they did not want to have daughters because they did not want their daughters to live the life as theirs.

The reasoning for that “powerlessness”, Sunlight discovered that besides social pressure that forced them to “Good at social work and does housework well”, the mental load is one of the biggest obstacles for Vietnamese women. They think that no one can share the housework (including relatives and servants) because they don’t know how to do or don’t want to do it. From that mentality, women get stuck in a state of ineffective time management, have not invested in lucid consumption, all of which lead to forgetting many other meaningful things in life.

However, it was time for them to have an effective “assistant” to find interesting things that have been missed.

  • The campaign “Housework can wait”

At that moment, Sunlight realized what it could do for Vietnamese women: this “knot” would be removed little by little, and from the smallest things like washing dishes, through a meaningful campaign.

This was the first time in many years that Sunlight’s media orientation has shifted from focusing on functional to emotional bonding. However, the emotion that Sunlight created in this campaign was completely different from what homecare brands build. Instead of following the path of calling for sharing from the men, Sunlight awakened the hidden desire of the women and encouraged them to stand up for themselves.

To do that, Sunlight started from the most typical housework: washing dishes – that Vietnamese women do it 3-4 times/day – and turned it into an “outbreak” to release psychological pressure from other chores. It was a tight campaign that helped Sunlight “own” the category of “housework”, becoming the Top-Of-Mind in guiding women out of social pressure and self-creating pressure.

1. Big idea

In order for the big idea to effectively convey to consumers, Sunlight poses a trigger: “If 10 years of washing dishes, cleaning the house, washing clothes is always at the forefront in the priority order of 60 years of woman’s year, taking care of herself, entertaining with her friends and family… would it be forever at the bottom of the list? ”.

Because in life, people cannot have many priorities at the same time, so women need to remember “Housework can wait” and their happiness must be prioritized first. Since then, the campaign “Housework can wait” was run with the main message “Housework can wait, your life cannot”.

The challenge was that the small dishwashing is hard to exploit the fascinating story. However, with creativity, Sunlight had conquered challenges and attracted attention to the whole community.

2. Enforcement

Within 2 months, the campaign was deployed on all channels of social media (Facebook, Youtube, Zalo), PR and Activation.

With the opening shot of the Manifestation clip, Sunlight began to create controversy on Facebook around the issue: “Can women let go of the house and enjoy life? Next was the PR series that blew this controversy in the press. Finally, the workshop and Zalo activation offered practical solutions for women.

Viral Clip

Although it was produced at the time the brands leaked Tet movies, the short film “Housework can wait” still recorded a record number: 11 million views, thanks to the message and creative hook through 1 minute 18 seconds.

The content of the clip shows the life of a woman who is caught up in household chores like washing dishes, cleaning up, and ignoring precious moments with her family. The best part of the script is to exploit the psychology of women in the “transitional” period between tradition and modern when she always struggles between traditional pressure (invisible voice) and longing thirsty to enjoy life fully (missed joys). In the end, she learned how to “relieve” those pressures to enjoy more for herself and her family.

By portraying closely to the general psychology of almost every woman today, videos have created positive feedback. Many viewers also comment on humor and satire on social networks that the voice is like the “voice urging by mother or mother-in-law”. In particular, “10 years is the average time for women to do housework” is the number of “shocking”, a prerequisite for the following debates.


In order for the topic to spread widely, KOL had entered. Taking advantage of the “controversial” element of the story “Housework can wait”, KOLs representing different “motherhood” models had voiced or supported or rejected.

The support group was modern women who have certain achievements in work such as “women’s writer” Trang Ha, MC Trang Moon, VJ Thuy Minh, hot mom Uyen Bui …

Meanwhile, the group believed that women who could not let go of housework also had a strong impact on Vietnamese women community: journalist Thu Ha, MC Diep Chi, Thuy Tien singer  … This group said that “Housework finally come to my hands “.

It seemed that the war was enough but no, there were male KOLs like Hoang Bach, Le Hong Dang, and Dang Khoi voicing their opinions, supporting women to enjoy their lives and giving evidence of their own wives who have done it.

It didn’t matter whether winning or losing, right or wrong, the most important thing was all the ideas that were so pervasive and made a real noise in the community. Concerns and thoughts about changing from here began to rekindle in the minds of Vietnamese women.


At this time, the PR articles played a role in amplifying the debate. In the daily favorite newspapers of women such as Afamily, Webtretho, … filled with headlines straight into insight: “The housework wait, why you try to become a dishwasher?”, “Women can spend 10 years of life for other things, instead of going to … washing dishes “… This made women have to take one more step: Desire to Change and Action:” I want to change, Where I must start?”.


The Livestream workshop received over 500 shares and hundreds of positive comments around the housework message. Most of the women were inspired, thoughtful and knew what they had to do next.


Dr. Huyen Tran was also a partner to help Sunlight’s target customers go one step further: Action. Through the workshop “Housework can wait, your life is not” by co-organizer with Sunlight, Vietnamese women were guided many tips to balance the living – housework.

More than 80 women participated directly, 1,500 people watched the live stream instructed: free planning for 1 day, stressful elimination, investing in a quality of life day to practical exercises: Meditation to bring nature into people.


The Livestream workshop received over 500 shares and hundreds of positive comments around the housework message. Most of the women were inspired, thoughtful and knew what they had to do next.


Along with organizing the workshop, Sunlight brand had provided more “tools” to help women act more boldly on the journey to find their love through an online competition called “Enjoy life, housework can wait ”.

The essence of this competition is in the subtle award structure. All attendees were given a gift: Sunlight Matcha discount code (which made easier and lighter to do housework), Voucher jupviec (let go of the house to spend time doing what you want), Voucher grab (Free transportation to let go of the housework and step outside).

Participants only needed to complete a simple task: Choose how you want to enjoy your life (Spend time with family, friends / Spend time with yourself / Discover new things), then share feeling about the message “Enjoy life, housework can wait”.


Another clever thing in the campaign was the contest that was developed on the social network which is used most by women in Vietnam: Zalo. Sunlight was one of the few brands discovering the power of Zalo to implement their ideas and the number was quite impressive: nearly 85,000 interaction and over 6,000 people participated.



From brand story to social push

According to the June 2017 population report, there were nearly 48 million women of all ages in 100 million Vietnamese. This was not the first time they heard about the topic “Let go of housework” or “Love yourself”, but this was the first time there was a communication campaign to speak for Vietnamese women deeply influentially.

Instead of promoting the role of women in housework or making them feel more sacrificed, Sunlight had removed the social tension from the inner thoughts, thereby giving progressive solutions.

Therefore, the campaign had caused fever on the Internet with a record number: 11 million Video views, 280,000 views of PR series, the social debate reached nearly half a million views and more 45,000 interaction. The most important thing that Sunlight has gained popularity from consumers, marking Sunlight’s successful transformation into emotional communication. In addition, consumers also expressed their love and enthusiasm for responding to the program on Zalo, changing avatars with Sunlight’s message, asking about information and how to register workshops and spreading inspirational quotes from Dr. Pepper and KOLs.

In an effort to address “social tension”, one remarkable thing about this campaign was its impact on the community, became a kick to create a wave of changing thoughts and actions.

“to be continued…”


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