According to, these are 7 most subscribed Youtube Channels in Vietnam.

Top Youtubers in Vietnam sorted by subscribers (
  1. FAP TV

The first position is FAP TV, Youtube channel of the comedy group living in South of Vietnam, joining Youtube on 26 Feb 2014. Up to now, this channel has nearly 8.8 million subscribers. Their Facebook fan page also has more than 2 million followers.

The content that pulls in the most views are scripted soap operas, comedy, series of webdrama and short films about love, friends, family and social issues. Recently they have made music videos. The first reason for Fap TV’s success may be that they joined Youtube in 2014, when making funny video in Vietnam was trendy. In addition, their best performance focus on well produced and edited web series and comedy episodes. Fap TV is the only comedy group who keep making Youtube videos regularly despite many comedy group’s disbandment. However, the effects of their new products have gradually declined, not as impressive as the clips they made before.

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FAP TV- Youtube Channel

2.  POPS Kids

Ranked 2nd position is POPS Kids with over 7.5 million followers. This entertainment channel for children was established in 2014 with the aim of bringing safe and meaningful content to Vietnamese young audiences.

Their main videos are cartoon, music video for kids (with easy-to-remember lyrics) and toys review.  POPS Kids’ success is based on the fact that Vietnamese children are potential audiences for many Youtube Channels at present. They have a lot of free time to go online after school. Particularly, many children even have their own computers, even smartphones or they can take their parents’ phones or iPad to access service like Facebook or Youtube easily. Children are curious and can watch a channel many times. That is the reason why not only POPS Kids, but also other kid channels are developing much more content for children. According to Socialblade, among the 50 highest earning YouTube channels in Vietnam, at least 10 are geared toward young audiences. It is still expected to be trend in the future.

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POPS Kids- Youtube Channel

3. NTN Vlog

This channel belongs to Nguyen Thanh Nam- a Vlogger. The content of NTN Vlog is funny and crazy-challenges such as riding motorcycle with springs on wheel, running motorbike on water, etc.  He also possesses 3 Youtube Golden Play Buttons when he created 4 channels including NTN Vlog (7.1 million subscribers), Funny game (1.4 million subscribers – content: game review and comment), Monster NTN (1.7 millions subscribers- content: crazy challenges), and NTN (a back-up channel).

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NTN Vlogs- Youtube Channel


4th position belongs to POPS MUSIC- online music channel owned by POPS Worldwide – digital content distribution unit with 9 distribution channels: Amazon.mp3, Spotify, Deezer, Guvera, Rdio, Facebook, Dailymotion and is YouTube certified partner in Vietnam. As the variety in content (particularly music and drama) and celebrity involvement, it is undoubtly becoming powerful channel in Vietnam.

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5. Tho Nguyen

This is a kid channel created by a girl named Tho Nguyen. The content of videos that she made ranged from toys review, food review to teach children how to make food, how to play with toys. Recently, she made series of short lessons and funny stories. Many brands for kids also asked her for product placement on her video clips.

This channel has 6.1 million followers at present after nearly 3 years, despite some scandals related to kid-unfriendly content occurred.  This is also considered an evidence for trend of kid-friendly Youtube channels.

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Tho Nguyen

6. Cris Devil Gamer

With 5.7 million subscribers, Cris Devil Gamer (his name is Cris Phan)- a streamer- attracted many people by creative and funny videos about game review, parody (telling stories by using game characters) and food review.  His target audience include gamers and young people (mostly males). His sense of humor and creative mindset are the reason for  his successful channel at the moment.

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Cris Devil Gamer

7. Vanh Leg

Vanh Leg is famous for parody making. His funny videos are about social issue (especially ridicule the bad issues in daily life) by creating parody with funny lyrics even though he did not study music.  He has 5.5 million subscribers.

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Vanh Leg

In general, popular channels in Vietnam nowsaday are mostly for kids, for gamers and young people who want to show their point of view about social issues. Comedy, funny music video, short film, webdrama, parody and review/reaction are still trendy format for creating contents on Youtube. With huge amount of subscriber, many brands can  put their product in those hot Youtubers’ videos. For instance, as kids’ content on YouTube grows in popularity, family- focused brands have a big opportunity to reach moms and dads with smart content that aligns with the most popular kids’ content by collaborating with  popular creators of kids channels.

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