The most popular Facebook pages and groups in Vietnam

Facebook is a great tool for reaching audiences—whether as a business, a blogger, an individual, or an organization.

A Facebook page is basically a non-personal profile page—such as a profile for a company, brand, organization, or website. You can also have Facebook pages for public figures such as politicians and celebrities. Pages differ from a typical Facebook profile in that they can be run by multiple people, they can be followed or liked by anyone on Facebook, and their posts can be monetized and promoted. With pages on Facebook, followers can access and update all news related to the page or brand on the instant page immediately, and the interaction also increases when they can share the article they like, or comment with their friends at any time. This also helps to share the page widely.

On the other hand, A Facebook the groups played a major role as the communication channels and communities of individuals in the same direction. Based on their own interests and goals, people will participate in different groups, where they can exchange information and express their opinions on an issue that they are interested in, in a safe environment and be tightly managed by the group administrator. Group prefers connecting the members better than the page because people who join the group be interested in the topic of the group.

Therefore, deciding on a group or a page is probably going to boil down to what you’re trying to accomplish.



1.YAN News: The leading entertainment video and news site for young people.

Like: 16.569.256

Followers: 16.279.506

2Blog tâm sự (Confide blog): the site where confide and share with everyone to ease the pain or find yourself the most sincere advice and update the news

Like: 13.742.619

Followers: 113.653.559

3. Đại Kỷ Nguyên (Epoch time Vietnam): the online newspaper that publishes the best articles on traditional cultural values handed down for thousands of years; promote ethical, human and religious values.

Like: 12.501.845

Followers: 12.652.809

4. Góc thư giãn (Relaxing place): the site for uploading funny videos and images with the aim of helping you laugh more every day.

Like: 12.422.022

Followers: 12.215.488

1. Samsung Vietnam 

Like: 159.824.881

Followers: 159.804.770

2. Lazada: the leading online shopping site in Vietnam, created with the goal of giving customers the most enjoyable and convenient shopping experience.

Like: 28.305.181

Followers: 28.301.377

3. Shopee: the e-commerce floor that is leading in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, offers a wide range of products and products from all fields: Electronics; Home & Life; Health & Beauty; Mother and baby; Fashion; Sports and Tourism, …

Like: 14.536.536

Followers: 14.590.001

4. the leading website & mobile application in Vietnam to search for Food places.

Like: 4.262.598

Followers: 4.254.174

5. Honda Vietnam: Official information page of Honda Vietnam Company, where all information about its products, services, and activities is updated.

Like: 3.521.842

Followers: 3.533.098


1.NhacCuaTui: top 2 biggest online streaming site in Vietnam according to Google Analytic’s report with a large high-qualified music library including local along with foreign contents. Audiences can listen and download music online for free on many platforms.

Like: 7.502.901

Followers: 7.423.709

2. Zing MP3: the largest website and online Mp3 player application in Vietnam.

Like: 6.318.065

Followers: 6.272.334

3. Liên minh huyền thoại: World No.1 MOBA game with over 70 million players and many tournaments worth millions of dollars.

Like: 3.521.842

Followers: 3.533.098

4. CGV Cinemas Vietnam:  the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea

Like: 3.029.416

Followers: 3.086.565

5. Kho Tàu TV: an online community of archive funny videos.

Like: 2.288.181

Followers: 3.803.056


1.Tiếng Anh là chuyện nhỏ (UCAN): Online learning English community online.  This page regularly updates the knowledge of English, organize English activities for the community to supplement the language knowledge.

Like: 2.311.609

Followers: 2.304.269

2. Tiếng Anh giao tiếp Langmaster: Communicative English learning system for people who lost their roots. This page regularly updates the knowledge of English, organize English activities for the community to supplement the language knowledge.

Like: 2.146.569


3. Awake your power (A bridge from schools into a great life): HYP Academy was established with the mission of “Awakening and nurturing the spirit of LEADERS in young Vietnamese.

Like: 1.748.255

Followers: 1.857.403

Besides, in the last 2 years, there are a few Facebook pages of Vietnamese fictional characters that are very interested and followed by young people.

Facebook page of fictional Vietnamese characters

The page of fictional characters not only gives administrators the advertising contracts but also helps the reader to merely entertain and relax after intense learning and labor moments. These pages use real stories with social issues, funny jokes, and familiar words, especially for young people.

Thỏ Bảy Màu : This page was created in 2014 and popular with young people because of the humor and cuteness of images and content. The ads which are also written with easy-to-receive content, according to the events of that time period, get a great amount of interaction and help readers remember the image of the product deeply.

Like: 1.988.817

Followers: 1.998.426

Tuyết Bitch

Like: 1.991.879

Followers: 2.042.122 

Quỳnh Aka 

Like: 1.380.451

Followers: 1.485.635


Each topic has many groups, the following is only a typical example for each topic.

1.Groups of women, mothers: 

Tâm sự EVA: sharing about life, marriage, family, and children issues

Members: 819.704

2. Groups of Digital Marketing :

Cộng đồng iSocial: Top 1 Vietnam Digital Marketing & Sales Community

Members: 240.883

3. Groups of the sisters’ association to confide

Bí mật EVA: the place where you confide, the story is 100% true in life.

Members: 182.475

4. Groups of education

Con Tự Học: Where parents focus on training their children to learn independently and to accompany them to: share methods and educational experiences; search and evaluate, encourage children to exploit good learning resources; exchange information about school and exam.

Members: 117.514

5. Group for pet lovers

Hội những người yêu Mèo: the place for who love cats

Members: 278.464

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