FS5+Shogun Inferno 4K 100FPS

오늘 YouTube 에 FS5 + Shogun Inferno 4k 100FPS test 영상이 업로드 되었다.

4K 100FPS 라니…

그동안 촬영하면서 4K 고속촬영에 대한 갈증이 항상 있었는데, 이번 Atomos Shogun Inferno 8.3 ver. 업데이트를

통해 어느정도 해소 되지 않을까 한다.



이 영상을 시작으로 다양한 테스트 영상이 올라올것으로 예상된다.


Shogun Inferno 8.3 release notes


– Quad-Link and Dual-Link cameras are now supported with ProRes / DNx.

– Sony FS Raw 4Kp100/120 burst recording mode added for Sony FS5/FS700.

– Secure Erase option for selected media to maximize SSD performance.

– This release contains all the features from AtomOS 8.21 for Shogun Inferno.


The following cameras are supported with Quad-Link (Squared & 2SI):


• Canon C700

• Panasonic Varicam 35

• RED DCSM1 with REDCast Module – Epic & Scarlet Dragon (Mysterium X not supported)

• Sony PMW-F55

• Sony PMW-F5 + CBKZ-55FX 4K expand option

• Sony F65RS + CA-4000 + SKC-4065 + BPU-4000 (for studio camera configuration)

• Sony HDC-4800 (4K studio camera and CCU)

• Sony HDC-4300(4K studio camera and CCU)

• Toshiba IK-4K The following cameras are supported with Dual-Link:

• Canon C500 2Kp60

• Panasonic Varicam LT – 10bit Dual Link RAW Secure Erase is supported on selected media for:

• Sandisk Extreme Pro • Atomos branded Gtech media.

• Atomos branded Angelbird media

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